Funny wrecked unicycle on eBay!

Just found this on ebay. Very funny. Gotta see the photos. Here is the description:

Rare one of a kind Unicycle!
Pedals may need replacing.
No seat included
Has a small scratch on one side, suspected stone chip.


top of the line stuff right there

Holey smokes! it looks like he had a blow out in hamper three…

Boy, that’s one of a kind, alright! I wonder if the “rock chip” in the description was a joke – it looks like it got run over by a truck!

Fine art

Hamper? Those must be more dangerous than dampers. :slight_smile:

A spiraling truck. I love the way the rim came out; can’t imagine that happening by accident. Pretty sure a truck would have much more of a flattening effect.

I could see buying that as an art project. It also reminds me of that scene from the original Universe video, where Dan Heaton’s brother destroys one of those evil tricycle-technology unicycles.

Ha!! good laugh, although makes me wonder what the rider looks like.:smiley:

for the unicyclist who needs a bigger challenge!

I was considering placing a bid for that purpose, but then I noticed that shipping to U.S. is not an option. :frowning:

conditions a bit worse than used:p

Id buy it!