Funny vid/varial roll

I know a lot of you can varial roll and its not that impressive… But ever since I saw a varial roll I’ve wanted to land one. And I finally did :smiley:

I wasn’t acting stupid for the camera. I simpely ascended to super saiyan 3

lmao omg so hilarious.YEAH UURGGGGHHHHHH :smiley:

Cool, I wanna land one sooo bad, I think that’s one of the coolest tricks you can know. Nice vid too, you’re really good at flat.

This made my day.
times 10
Go take on goku, You will win 4 sure

At 0:30 there was what looked like a small polar bear next to your house. What was that? Sweet vid.


I saw it too…thats funny…


That was great.

I like how you get excited :wink:

lol thats his awesome dog

LOL! this is an awesome vid!

Why wasn’t your hair blonde?

haha, great reaction. Varial rolls look sweet.

You’ll probably get annoyed at me for asking, but is street styles coming out soon? Its about a month over due from the expected release :stuck_out_tongue:

It WILL be coming out in 3 weeks if Chris holds his word

Yeah I even nicknamed her polarbear lol.

Yes! You finally landed it! Yessssss

Psssssh… That dog is a beast ok? She takes down wild pigs twice her size.

Shes the house defender.

Why did you edit your post… ._.

You’re beached as!
you looked pretty parched in that video bro, are you pretty parched bro?
cos you look parched as…
good work landing it…

Pretty parched eh


Man, I just watched this like 4 times just for the sound lol.

Your screams of joy actually go very well with the music.

lol i watch it like every 30mins i like it so much.youre so funny Chris :stuck_out_tongue: