Funny unicycle injury...

Okay, it all started when I was outside riding around while my dad and mom and brother were playing frisbee. I was drinking a Mountain Dew while riding and decided to go backwards. As I was going backwards I must have been too loose on the pedals or something because before I knew it my feet were completely off the pedals and my leg got caught behind it. My mountain dew went flying and landed right in my hair! Sooo, my shin is okay, but god dangit, I wasted at least an couple ounces of that precious liquid of the Lord that us mortals call Mountain Dew…aaahhhh…:smiley:

Hmmm, according to the Mt. Dew commercials you should be able to coast with both feet extended if you’re drinking a Mt. Dew at the time. Maybe the commercials aren’t true.

No they are true, you just cant go backwards.

FIrst it was Bawls, now Mountain Dew. I can’t wait till you’re introduced to crack…

pffft, Bawls is a FAR worse drug than Mountain Dew. If he continues in the way he has been so far, he’ll be getting addicted to Root Beer. :wink:

No blood? Not an injury.


Next thread, please…

I think I may have broken a toe in my show today. My middle toe. How? I missed a jump-mounty thing (that I hardly ever miss) and my foot must have snapped off the pedal but how could the middle toe get it worse than the rest?

It’s purple. Anyway, you guys are going to want pictures… I’ll see what it looks like tomorrow…

The point being – no blood.

hehe thats JUST what I was thinking…Tyler do u shave your legs?:stuck_out_tongue:

I think you need to go through 6th Grade Human Growth and Development again!

Really-minor-but-most-irritating injury: somehow at SWUM yesterday (which was great fun, incidentally) I picked up an ikkle cut on my wrist; it’s only about 15mm by 2mm, the kind you generally don’t notice, but it’s right where my watch strap sits, so I can’t wear a watch now. It feels really weird, I have that constant nagging feeling that there’s something missing…

Oh well, good for getting rid of the tan lines, I suppose. Wait… it’s chucking it down outside… ah well.


Actually a 20 ounce Mt. Dew has more caffeine than a Bawls, Monster, Red Bull, Whoopass, and mostly anything except for Rockstar and Jolt. Here’s the math:


well well well, you’re right… I thought Bawls was much worse. guess I was wrong oh well! (:

Ouch, thats a bad ingury! When you fell, the pedal scraped blue lines all over your leg? That musta hurt!

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

funny injury

We was out muni-ing today and on the way back I decided to ride down the “down” escalator.

Went far too fast, lost control about half way down, both feet came off and one got stuck between the crank and the wheel.

I landed at the bottom (on my not-caught foot!) and said to Pebbles, “My leg’s stuck in my wheel” he was looking at the escalator and laughed. “no its really stuck man, help me!”

He came over and held the pedal, after trying unsuccesfully to pull my leg out, Euan (our camerman) held the wheel and I wrenched my leg out.

It was quite funny, it hurt too, but it was funny. We had been filming all day and the camera was in my bag cos we were done, the best fall of the day and it wasn’t filmed!!!

heres fotos tho! (Of the injury)



tyler would be the best tweaker ever

There is an easier way to do the math by using ratios or proportions.

12 oz   20 oz
----- = -----
55 mg   x mg

Now solve for x

x = --------

x = 91.7 mg

So 20 oz of Mt. Dew will have 91.7 mg of caffeine