Funny unicycle games for beginner riders?

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

We have a small unicycle club in Ollerup (Denmark). We’re about 10-15 at training so we’re a really small unicycle club. We need some new unicycle games to play for the warm up training, so if you’re playing something in your unicycle club that is funny (mostly games based on new beginner skills) i would appreciate it if you would write them here with the rules and what’s necessary to know about the game :smiley:
Also if you know some website please link it :slight_smile:

-An)-On Juncher :slight_smile:

Jousting is fun, relays with baton passing, hopping contests (horizonal, forward/backward, vertical), follow the leader, obstacle course.

I played hockey when I was a brand new rider. The use of the stick allowed me to turn quickly without falling over, and I definitely noticed a difference in my riding ability after just a couple games.

We’ve stuck little pieces of caution tape on the back of people’s seats; last one to get the tape pulled off is the winner.

Colored fabrick “flags” hanging from your pants on both sides, like in flag football. Each rider starts with one on each side. Steal other peoples flags, the one with the most after five minutes wins.

  • Must be riding to steal a flag.
  • Must steal from someone who is riding.
  • When you steal a flag, you must hang it from your pants.

Also, a good excersize is to see if you can slide a popsicle stick between your spokes and grab it on the other side. You have to slow way down and lean forward, be quick about getting the stick in and out of the spokes. Extra long sticks, like tongue depressors, are best.

I’m looking for more games we can play, preferably with riders of all skill levels. This is extremely beneficial to not only learning skills but simply having fun. So far we have played:

  • Flag Uni (described above)
  • Basketball (loosened the rules)
  • Hockey (loosened the rules)

Next I think we will take on soccer with a large inflatable ball. Any other suggestions?

nerf tard and passing a football and skill nights are super fun!