Funny thing happened...

I was practising curb hops at this park near my place… it’s very simple stuff really, the curbs are like 10-15cm in height max. So I noticed this lady staring at me out her apartment window (there are apartments just beside the park). A few minutes later, there were more and then a cluster of people from the 2nd and 3rd floor were all staring at me.

An amusing sight really… wish I brought my camera.

haha, all the grades are close together here, and the high school is farthest from my house so I end up being watched like that for almost 1/2 a mile, and if I do a trick, there is like a riot because someones like AWESOME… then someone else is like SHOWOFF
its funny
but almost everyone stares

I think fishfest or w/e was @ the highschool yesterday
so when I went riding there were TONS of ppl there
a few crazy ones… one that wanted to try my unicycle but ended up not because she got scared

same thing w/ skimboarding … theres always people taking pictures of me
and im like WTheck… esp when its girls about my age and Im just standing there, and they act like I don’t know what theyre doing