Funny thing happened...

Today marks the fourth time in my life I got confronted over my bringing a unicycle into a place. From this, I learn that it’s ok to bring a unicycle to

  • Posh restaurants
  • Work
  • banks
  • the supermarket
  • the airplane as carry-on

but it’s not ok to bring my unicycle to

  • the stadium stands
  • the carpark

On two of the occasions, they’re purely my fault so I’m not listing them.

I brought a unicycle to my driving lesson today where there is a proper parking facility (duh) and also lockers for your belongings if you are taking motorcycle lessons.

The parking warden stopped me and explained to me that bicycles are not allowed. Why, I ask, and it’s not even a bike! He couldn’t tell me why and insisted it’s not allowed. I reiterate numerous times that it’s not a bike and I would have it laid down at the locker areas anyway so it wasn’t disrupting traffic. And then I said I’d speak to his manager if he were afraid. He got on the phone and tells someone that there’s someone who’s intent on bringing in a bicycle. I don’t know what the response was but he eventually hung up and said no. I persist in wanting to know why and he’s got no choice but to call someone else. Eventually I got let in. And to make himself sound officious, he warns me that if it got lost , it’s my responsibility.

I still haven’t got a reason out from him as to why bikes - or unicycles - aren’t allowed to begin with when electric bikes and motorcycles are.

Get used to the fact that some people just like to control the lives of others. Those people seek out positions where they can do just that. Politics, security, religion, the list goes on and on. These people want to become leaders of organizations and direct the activities of others. You know the type.

Next time: Carry a spare wheel (any small one available) and tell him you’re on a trike!!!;):wink:

That’s been a while ago that I did that to!
I don’t think it still can, because of maximum sizing defined by the IATA.
(funny detail: I own the formerly mailbox of IATA).
Also keep in mind most airlines keep 5 kilos as the max weight for hand-lugguage.

Last but not least: keep in mind bringing tools in your luggage aboard is OK, unless those tools can be used as a weapon (like a pedal wrench).
I once walked 5 times trough customs with a knive (a kind of leatherman) in my bag in the United Arab Emirates, but the wrench was a big issue.

I did that just last year but I had to spend time and effort convincing them that a unicycle and accompanying tools were harmless. Not advisable to repeat.

I think the max weight for us was 10kg. My uni was about 5-6. With a bag, tools, helmet and guards, I had very VERY minimal clothes.

Pictures? :wink:

*Minimal clothes packed.


I’ve had some problems bringing my uni places too. This is usually solved by walking in and immediately putting it out of the way (like under a table).

The only place I couldn’t talk myself out of is the city library. The entrance is right in front of the check out desk and they said I had to leave it outside. When I said it’s impossible to lock up securely (I realized I could make it relatively secure by going through the wheel) and it takes up no more space than a skateboard, the guy refused to budge. He says skateboards aren’t allowed either. I guess they are afraid of someone leaving it out in the open, then someone tripping on it and suing them.