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Today me and my friend where shooting some footage for my sponsorship video. Me and my friend thought it would be fun to unicycle in this old mall, because the sign read “no skateboarding,biking, or rollerblading on premisis.” Nothing about unicycling. So as I was hopping down a set of stairs in the mall the security guard(who’s a real arshole.) comes running up to us and yells at us and took my unicycle away. he said “have you fried you brains? Just what in the hell do you think you doing?” to wich I replied “unicycling, of course.” So he started telling me about how the sign said no biking. so I told him that it was a unicycle to wich he replied “it’s got cycle in the word”. At this point he decided to give my uni back because he realized how stupid he was to not put etc. on the sign so no unicyclers would rider there. he told me to shove my unicycle up my ass and me and my friend left. when we were outside my friend started mocking the “it’s got cycle in the word” BS, and it turns out the guy had followed us outside and was standing right behind my friend when he said this! he then told us he was going to get the police for mocking him (as if they’d even care.) Me and my friend called him an asshole and then left.

                                  The End

P.S. were thinking about doing it again.

if you do make sure he doesnt grab your uni again he might not give it back

I’f I do it again i’m gonna use my crappier unicycle, I won’t let him take it away though anyway. If my friend films it i’ll post it for you guys.

but here’s a funny video of my friend getting tackled on my uni.

warning: profanity used by one of my friends on this video.

umm sorry the video didn’t attach for some reason. :frowning:

Learn how to do wheelchair trials. They can’t ban wheelchairs from the mall. Just imagine the bad publicity if they tried to kick a kid in a wheelchair out of the mall.

Figuring out how to hop up stairs in a wheelchair would be a challenge. But with some ingenuity and dedication I’m sure it could be done. It could be a whole new sport. Wheelchair trials at the local mall.

Haha extreme wheelchair would be so fun. thanks for the idea.

And just so you guys know, no one ever goes to that mall pretty much, so I wasn’t likely to get in the way of, or hurt someone.

I’ve been wanting to get a wheelchair for about the last 5 years to try my skills as an extreme wheelchairist? My cousin has one, because he’s a paraplegic. But I think it would be relatively easy to learn to just balance on the back wheels, and then do spins from there might be a bit more advanced. If I remember correctly there was an ad on tv with a guy dropping in on a quarter pipe on his wheelchair. He wheelied up to the edge and pretty much dropped close the the end of the slope, but was still pretty cool. Was on that adidas ‘impossible is nothing’ campaign.

But yeah I’ve just wanted a wheelchair, they’re so cool. Providing you still have use of your legs, I would hate to not.

Man… that dude really is a dickhead <— it has to be said.

“with great power comes great responsibility.”?

or crutches

if you cant be bothered learning tricks in a wheelchair, a person on crutches looks just as innocent…

yep didnt work

Man you really are an idiot. How old are you Grogboy, like 7 or 8?

If any of you guys have any funny stories about getting in trouble for unicycling or anything please post them up on this thread.

motorama 2004

we drive into harrisburg pretty late. we see some trials bikers hopping on a picnic table outside the hotel. we take over, they leave (we felt kinda bad later, but one member of our gang didnt really understand the taking turns system and was just hopping on the table for 5 minutes straight). we get bored and check into the hotel. we then proceed to cross the street and ride in the parking lot of some “home style” restaraunt. there are two cop cars about 300 feet away on the oppisite side. we are timid at first. After about 5 minutes we decide they arent going to do anything so i start hopping onto this gigantic glacier (it had snowed and there was a pile of snow a couple feet high and completely flat on one side). The two cars come racing over top speed! One pulls up in front of us and the other waits behind him.

"What are you thinking! You cant be riding where people are eating!’

we hold in our chuckles. It is midnight, the restaraunt is locked up and dark.

“Didn’t I tell you earlier that you cant do that?!?!”

puzzled looks

“Fine. maybe it wasnt you, maybe it was the other unicycle gang (sarcasm included).”


“So I guess it wasnt you at the Taco Bell either?!?!”

shaking our heads.

“Look here. You can ride in the parking lot all you want, you just cant be hopping around where people are eating!”


we go inside for the night. fast forward a month. i am watching a motorama video a biker had put together. at the very beginning it has a biker hopping on a picnic table at taco bell.

the end


I actually learned how to balance a wheelchair and roll around on the back wheels before I learned how to unicycle. I didn’t find it that hard at all… just a little weird getting used to leaning that far backward. Balance and steering after that is pretty easy: spins, one hand, etc. were pretty natural. Then I thought… wait a minute… I could learn to unicycle. Thanks to grandma for the use of her wheelchair for a weekend, I now unicycle too :D.

That is awesome dude, post the vid! i gotta see this. And definatly do it again!

New World Disorder, anyone?

That guys rips in his buggy wheel chair thingy!! He even does a couple stair sets!

Our boy, KH, is in it too. :slight_smile:

I think Max already has been pushing some limits there with his dual Fireball-equipped chair. Find the posts around last year’s NAUCC, and there are links to some photos.