Funny story?

Reading Scott Hone’s anecdote somehow reminded me of a great UniCycle joke that
occurred outside the local cinema/bowling/nightclub multiplex one night…

I had come out of the cinema after watching one of the films from last summer
and when I returned to the car park with my friends there was this AMAZING
motorbike parked next to my car. I think I was a Ducatti or something like that.
It was this huge red MONSTER of a bike. Totally rounded all over - it looked
like something from TRON. This bike was REALLY impressive but lets face it, a
motor bike is just a motor bike but my friends wouldn’t give up. They insisted
on standing around it with dropped jaws.

Out of no-where this guy appeared with a girl, both dressed in full leathers
walking up to the Big Red Monster. it was a bit embarrassing really as far as I
was concerned, everyone standing around it like that. This guy wasn’t big headed
about it or anything though and nobody spotted me heading for the boot of my
car… “Fancy swapping?” I shouted. Everybody, including motor-cycle ace and
his girl just looked at me and the (yep, you guessed it) UniCycle I was holding
and burst into fits of laughter.

I’m sure he was really tempted to swap his 1100cc/150mph machine for my sleek,
black, one-wheeled wonder. I still believe to this day that if there had been
room for both he and his girlfriend on the UniCycle then he would have thrown me
the keys to his bike and set off up the motorway on my UniCycle.

Bye for now Gadget