Funny Old Video Thread

hey you have some old videos that are funny to watch? post them here

i found a bunch of ooooooooold vids here, gave me a chuckle


Hooray for chuckles!

Theres a vid of me from over a year ago trying a one footer in the air for the first time, droping into a big ramp and I fail and land on my face. Its in the gallery somewhere… But I can’t remember what my account name was back then.

Here’s mine-

This is my first vid, I remeber I was too afraid to mount onto the foot wide sign at the beginning. So my friend had to stand on his bike to reach me, then support me while I mounted. Then I had to hop in place for like a minute why he moved his bike out of the shot ran over and set the camera up. We went through that process like 6 times and I never landed it.

here is mine not funny at first but then…well u’ll see

i love you hibs, your vids complete me

I thought this was the funny old video thread, not the I was rad as hell when I had a beginner unicyle thread. Seriously your old stuff is way better than your new stuff, whats up with that. That 180 out of fakie down the 8 stair was sick.