Funny noise

There is a funny sound when my cranks reach a certain loction. Not quite a click, more of a low vibration that is very annoying and felt only on the right pedal. Is this pedal too tight/loose on the cranks or something?

I don’t know what it is but you’re not alone. My 20" does that. I think it’s when the right foot is around the 4 o’clock position.

I think “donk” is the most phonetically suitable description for the sound.

It feels like it’s in the pedal but I’m not totally convinced. I put it down to having a crappy noname uni that got worn out by a couple of months of heavy learning use.

It could be loose spokes, loose cranks, or loose pedals.

Tension/true up your spokes, tighten your cranks or just give it a bit of torque, and check your pedals, that should get rid of the sound, usually.

If its more of a grinding gritty sound, your bearing probably are dirty and have stuff grinding in/on them, or they are dry and need some lube on/in them.

Nh… it’s definately a doink sound, felt through my feet rather than ear (if that makes any sort of sense. My unicycle is new.

My guess would be either a loose crank or loose pedal bearings. Can you move the pedal back and forth on the axle? Can you wiggle the crank by hand?