funny little story about karma

something slightly different

Last week a beer bottle was thrown threw the window at my aunts pottery studio. People in my hometown have a habit of throwing their bottles at signs as they drive by and the window happens to be near a No Parking sign. Anyway almost everyone in town either drinks Pilsner or Canadian and the bottle was Budweiser. There are only two booze-cruisers that we knew of that drink Bud so my uncle went and asked them and the second one admitted it was his bottle, he was aiming for the sign and would pay to get the window fixed.

Small towns are awesome.

Unless you want good beer, apparently.

reminds me when a drunk thew a can of coke at me
no crack or any thing

or when some one threw another can at me ,I caught it and threw it back into the car

That reminds of the simpsons episode when bette midler is chasing snake driving a truck for throwing a empty can on the road and she then catches up to them and throws it into the cabin. :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah, I also didn’t mention they were most likely drunk.

Plus they go to my high school.

They’re the kind of kids who look for people to pick on when they’re in groups, if they’re alone, they’re quiet and contempt.

They look the other way now when they see me.

never had any people thrown at me but whilst me and a mate were riding (mountain bike) some teens threw a bottle at us, missed horribly but a cop was driving passed seen em and pulled em over…dont know what happeneed next but we hada good laugh

Some one threw an un-opened beer at me once. It was more of a friendly toss though. I enjoyed it.

If I knew them as jerks, I wouldn’t feel bad about denting their car. Nobody around here bothers me when I ride, thankfully.

Eggs, pop, beer bottles…bad enough, but then there’s this…

(although no unicycles seem to have been involved)


You have to wonder at the pre-emption of a group of biggoted a**-holes who would actually bother to track down a shop that sells haggis and buy one with their own money for this purpose.