funny little story about karma

So today i was riding at a post office. While I was riding near the road I noticed a car full of 16 or 17 year old kids go by laughing. So a few minutes later I see the same car going by, all the faces looking towards the post office. Only this time I am not so close to the road. After hering a yell come from the car i realised that they had thrown something and , well missed by alot. I rode to the scene of the crime to find what looks to be the top of large fast food soda cup.
Shortly I actually concluded what took place. The punk kid who tried to hit me with a soda, hit the window instead. Leaving the top to fly out the car and soda to pour all in his lap.

hahahahhah sucker

Haha, awesome…truly awesome.

I had some kids throwing eggs at me one day, circling the block… third time they came around…

Swing, THUD

I swung my DX at their car and put a huge dent in their door. They didn’t circle the block again.

Sounds awesome. I would have just put my metal pedal through their window, but to each their own.

Yea I was thinkin jimi’c threw the back window hahah… figured a soda lap was good enough

EDIT: to quick for me

Violence is never the answer. Let Karma take care of it. Offer them a ride on your uni. Let the eggs crack where they may.

one time some guys threw pieces of bread at me and missed and i dint even know it,but my lil bro was riding behind me and he ended up getting hit the arm…really who throws a piece of bread at somebody?!

Karma would be the kid in the car getting charged with a felony for throwing a missile from a moving car.

that would be awesome!!

Maybe he thought you needed a snack? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had kids hide in the bushes and try to get me with a squirt gun. Their aim is as bad as the gun’s range. I packed a bubble making gun on my next ride and shot bubbles out as I passed. They abandoned their plans at water torture and started attacking the bubbles instead.

Reacting with violence is never the answer. Karma will do.

While revenge does sound sweet, denting a car is IMO much worse than throwing eggs at someone.

People who drive around and throw eggs, shouldn’t be allowed on the road.

Or buy eggs. :smiley:

People who live in glass houses should get out of the kitchen…or something like that.

I had something thrown at me for the first time the other day. I couldn’t find it though. I just laugh it off when people think they’re all tough cuz they’re throw something or shout something and ride off without confrontation.

Ha ha that is awesome soda in the lap.

yeah people yelling dumb stuff is annoying too…

I was riding my uni and kid on 2 wheels screamed “look at the stupid clown”. as he rode away he flipped over. Too bad he wasn’t injured :smiley:

I get that alot…

Not like he goes around denting people’s cars with his uni. Those kids obviously intentionally find people to go and harass. They are much worse IMO. You also have to account for the reasons for the resulting physical damage.