Funny Crash (UPD) Picture Thread

Does anyone have any funny crash photo’s? Or possibly any stoppage of footage that looks funny? (albeit it is a UPD or crash)

Simple story, - Was going for my new Si record around 18 something inches and I couldn’t make it…

The uni is still upright because I missed the tyre, and it slip to the pedal, and was caught upright.

I could cook something up in photoshop;)

Not strictly a UPD-picture, but I was trying to balance on a bench in the woods when I suddenly felt the urge to bail :stuck_out_tongue:

I have some pretty amusing footage that I took before my unicycle died. I will edit it and get it up later. All I can say is stay away from slippery slopped bins.

Here, sorry for the bad quality, its a youtube print screen, but I’m sure it’s pretty clear what I did :astonished:

seeing that there are supposed to be 3 posts, one ended up in your Anus? :thinking:

is there a video??? me want to see!

its in there somewhere around 4.40 I think

it is at 4:55 and ouch!

Oops! :o

Iron Man 2008_05_11_18_15_59 009_0001.jpg

Like I said, stay away from slippery bins. These were the only shots I got of it but afterwards I got onto it properly and my tyre just completly slipped down, the crank hit, I fell back and landed with my but on the corner of the bin, it hurt bad. I liked the bin though because it was a nice hight (just shy of 100cm) I havnt managed to find anything els around town which is that hight range.

there’s a staged crash video somewhere of a guy who crashed his coker into his truck(I believe he was a stunt man) i can’t find it now but it looked really funny and painful. here’s a video screenshot I used for a pamphlet I made last year in health class on how to survive a high speed unicycle crash.

EDIT: Found it! here’s the thread if you want to read it.


Trying to jump only halfway down a set = Bad Idea:


io have a picture of me bailing a three stair
i will try and find it

Someone want to post Andrew’s faceplant into a tire? I don’t have it.


Kit again



Good call.

His profile pic is a drawing based on the original event.
Incredibly accurate as well.

EDIT: Found a whole thread about it.

And a link to the vid.