Funny comment on the trail today

I treated myself to a Birthday MUni ride this afternoon. While shredding a particularly tough section two mountain bikers passed a crossing and saw me in action. The lead rider said
“Look at that! We are nothing. I am nothing” .
That’s one of the better comments I’ve heard.

Had another funny thing happen this past weekend on an evening urban ride when I was over in Sarasota. I was riding with AccordNSX, billnye and my son. We were in the downtown area and approached a group of Hacky-sackers playing well, hacky-sack. Billnye says, " look, hackysackers" then we started to call them freaks and weirdos.
They saw the humor and we all had a big laugh.

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Happy Birthday, Frank!

That is a great comment to get. It is always fun to get those statements of respect from mountain bikers.

I am glad the Hackysackers saw the humor. I would have hated to see the headline “Downtown Sarasota devastated by gang war between the Hackysackers and the Unicyclists.” That would make anyone tremble in fear.

Scott Wallis

I wish we had John Childs with us. That guy can hackysack can’t he? I know he does everything else. There was eight or nine of them and four of us. I know we could have taken them. The ride was pretty interesting as well. We ran into a cop who said we were allowed to ride in downtown Sarasota even though it’s a “non bike zone.” He said he couldn’t classify us as bicyclists… turns out that his daughter rides too, and thats’ why he was so friendly.

Happy birthday!
My best comment from someone was simply them driving by and yelling WHOO UNI’S RULE. And then of course the blank stares of amazement are always good.

Nope, I cannot hackysack at all (not even poorly). However, I can juggle three balls.

Remind me not to go riding you y’all. I don’t want to risk getting in any fights. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Frank. That was an outstanding comment. What a treat.

I have seen John Childs play hacky-sack with a live porcupine. He’s WAY tough.

John made a spelling mistake! “you y’all” should probably read “with y’all”.
I heard a funny comment the other day, someone said “If you had a hat I’d give you money.”

He’s worse in person. He misspells when he talks!! And he spits on you when he’s excited which is dang near all the time. And I think it should read “ride with all y’all” to correctly express the plural.

And this is my mother’s birthday, too. She would be 80 today if she hadn’t had a heart attack after seeing that photo of me in my wife’s bathing suit.

Give John a break. He is currently in Georgia, and is just trying to fit in with he locals.:smiley: Of course the smiley would be more accurate if it was missing some teeth.

And that is why you should always ride with a helmet. :slight_smile:

Rowan made a grammar correction mistake! There is no spelling mistake in my post. All the words are spelled correctly. :slight_smile:

And take it easy on me. I’m trying to learn Southern. I’m stuck in Atlanta for Christmas. That mistake was just me stuttering as I learn how to type Southern.

happy birth-day Frank. turning 30 is sure to be a big change as it was for me. :astonished: in just about three short weeks i will be 31,therefor unable to wander too far from the bathroom.

What’s so tough about playing hacky-sack with a live porcupine? They’ve got poor eyesight, small feet and aren’t particularly agile. :slight_smile:

(Then again, retrieving the sack from the back of a frustrated porcupine doesn’t sound too easy. Yeah, ok, that does sound tough!!)

The only fight would probably be with one of us.

Re: Funny comment on the trail today

On Tue, 23 Dec 2003 20:47:32 -0600, AccordNSX
<> wrote:

>turns out that his daughter rides too, and
>thats’ why he was so friendly.

I agree. People whose daughter(s) ride are the friendliest people on

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I hope to be a 90 year old guy who rides his unicycle to the store for whiskey and condoms. - J.D. Miller

Re: Funny comment on the trail today

On Tue, 23 Dec 2003 22:44:32 -0600, harper
<> wrote:

>“I hope to be a 90 year old guy who rides his unicycle to the store for
>whiskey and condoms.” -J.D. Miller

Hey Harper, I see you have the same kind of inspiration as me…

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I hope to be a 90 year old guy who rides his unicycle to the store for whiskey and condoms. - J.D. Miller

This would be especially funny, for as we all know, Sarasota is the winter quarters of the Ringling Bros. Circus!

i think that comment has just made it into my sig!

It’s funny that people who bike regularly give you a lot of credit for riding a uni. When you meet people who ride bikes only to work and other smaller distances they think of unicyclists as clowns.

Actually, turning 30 was no big deal for me. At least from what I remember about it, it was sixteen years ago :smiley:

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