Funny chance encounter with another rider

Was riding to work this morning. Had a UPD, then botched the remount, falling on my rear right in front of this couple (how impressive…). They were apparently on campus with their child (I work at a university). It is orientation time, and there are lots of families with their kids on campus.

He mentioned that he had a unicycle, an old one, that he still rode occasionally. From his description, it sounded like he had an old 20 inch. I suggested that he get something new, maybe a bigger wheel, like my Bedford 700c (29 inch).

As I getting ready to ride off, he wished me well and hoped I would still be riding when I was 40.

“I’m 46”, I told him. Guess I should be flattered. (Turns out he was 44.) He had this shocked look on his face and his wife started laughing. A guy standing behind them said “good comeback”…


haha thats awesome…cool when stuff like that happens (well not the UPD)

I had a cool encounter today too. Was just riding around town and saw a unicyclist in a hotel parking lot, I rode by and he waved so I went back a little later to talk to him. Turns out he had a good unicycle (KH 20) and was a good rider too. I never see people riding unicycles, let alone good ones. Only thing was that he was just visiting for a car show, he lives 11 hours away :frowning: at least I have another person to ride with for a few days

It’s never really happened directly to me.

I have had two encounters where a (different) couple have said that their nephew/grandson rides a unicycle.

Once when I was camping and riding around on my uni, some guy said that he had a unicycle at home. I encouraged him to ride it.

This one I’m not very proud of. I was riding XC and some kids on mountain bikes made a comment asking what I could do on the uni off road. I wasn’t very polite, thinking it was a bit of an attack towards me (I can’t do much), they said they were just asking because one of the rode a unicycle :o Oops.

I long to see another unexpected unicyclist when I’m out riding so that I can shout “Where’s your other wheel” at them. :smiley:

In my 3 years of riding I’ve only had one meeting with another semi-unicyclist that wasn’t previous arranged.

I was walking my dog last year when I noticed a nimbus 24 unicycle in the back of someone’s car when they were unloading. I couldn’t help myself and had to go and say Hi. Turns out his kids had given it to him as a present at Christmas, he was still learning and couldn’t ride yet.

In the year and a half that I’ve been riding, I’ve only bumped into two riders (apart from the BUC weekend and organised rides).
The first was when I was still learning and very wobbly and a group of around five teenagers stopped me “Hey! A unicycle!” Cool!"
Turns out one lad in the group could ride, and he hopped on my uni and rode around in a big circle, much to the amusement of his friends.
The second time was around last month, when I was out for a muni ride in Brechfa Forest. I stumbled upon a group of ten mountain bkers, all kitted out with expensive gear and bkes. As I dismounted to get by them, one of them pipes up that he can ride and asks for a go. He wobbled down twenty yards of the trail and got a round of applause from all his friends.

a few weeks ago and me and my lil bro and brent were riding in town and filming some stuff when a guy and his wife come up to us on road bikes and the husband ask if he can ride ours cuse he said he a KH 20 and he wanted some pointers…i let him wear my shoes cuse he was wearing his shoes for clipless pedals and he was noob good but turns our he lives close to were we live and he rides the same trails that we muni on but he takes his MTB on them…

Not too long ago, just a block down form my house, they built a place called "Pita Pit’ and right by it a gym called 123 fitness or something like that.

Anyways, im riding my uni bike from the LBS carrying a new CC tire in hand. I see a guy rush out of the store, saying “Oh man, Ive got to try that!”

I hand the uni over, and said he will probably want to lean against a rail or something to start out, but he ignores me. Hops on the uni and rides wobbly down about 20 feet. I was amazed, then it hit me that he could already ride. He hops around, and rides perfectly back at me with a smile.

We talk,turns out he is the owner of both new place, and that he does muni, as another one of his friends done, who I havent met yet. He had a KH uni stolen from him somewhere, but bought another one not too long ago, so now we have to plan a ride together.:slight_smile:

this has happened to me a few times aswel

once we went to a skatepark in york that i had never been to and met a few trial bikers ther who showed us some good spots. turned out he had a uni and was pretty gud at it. after going on mine he decided he too was going to get a trials uni, but since then iv never been back. it would be intresting to see weather he did buy one or not, and how gud he is now.

just this weekend i met someone in my village after doing a show. he said he used to ride one a long time ago when he was a child. i offered him a go on my trails and he cud stil do it! he was stil comfortable with forwards and backwards even with a big tire and low seat. he too was re introduced to the unicycle world and said he was intrested with buying another!


the only (unexpected) fellow unicyclist i’ve come by was when…

my church owns a gym and we have a lot of events in of our members was having a family reUNIon and sombody had brought a unicycle.i asked the man that gose to our church who it was and he pointed to a woman who (as far as i could see) wasen’t verry athletic.

I came to ask her what she could do on it and her friend replied not verrry much (ya she answered for her) well anyway it was a torker cx with abunch of rust all over a savage seat and not many more years on it.

i just so happened to bring my uni that day so i showed of what i could do.

Yessss!! Too bad I never saw you again after that second day.

one of the pediatritians I go to used to ride.

naa, you only look 33…

i have run into way more than you guys have.
i have run into something like 30 people who can ride and 15 were my age (some of them i taught to ride decently, but they could “ride” a unicycle. its crazy actually. tons of people here can do it.

It’s happened to me twice. One time I was riding with Matt at a school, and all of a sudden this guy pulled up in a pickup truck, and gets out with a unicycle. Apparently he used to do performing stuff/parades, and he was pretty good. After 20 or so years of not riding, he was able to ride one-footed and go backwards decently enough. I was impressed.

And then another time in the city square this guy walks up and says that he knows how to ride…he went home and got his 20" CX (I didn’t even know they made 20" CXs) and brought it back…he wasn’t bad.

We haven’t seen either of them again yet though.

i forgot to put the experience i had today. i was at the skatepark with my little brother and i saw a guy on a schlumph 29"er, i flew to my uni and pedalled as fast as i could to catch the guy. he uses the uni as his workout, pretty cool guy, i have seen him a few times before. so there are 5 regular unicyclists in my town, i only ride with one. and i don’t like riding w/ him very much anymore.
then he rode around the skatepark and pissed all the city people off, which was very funny. the lady that is like 5 steps above me in ranking complained to him and i just laughed about it, she is a FREAKING IDIOT that doesn’t know what a bike is.