Funny bail video

Skill: 2/10

Haha, you guys have to see this.

Oh my! :smiley:

You should have gone off on a Coker or 29er. With a bigger wheel you might have had the speed to ride straight off the end of the ramp. :slight_smile:

the is very funny indeed!
i think you should have been able to get the speed with the sheel he had.
probably just bottled it.

v funny clip though

Hahaha, excellent! So that was X-Air then? How was the trials event? Any more videos? Photos?

Here’s my latest funny stack -
And the result -

Turn the sound up. :slight_smile:


Alas, the biggest X-event in New Zealand in my hometown and I’m stuck working!

Well done guys- I’m glad Pete took the dunking on our behalf.,2106,3164716a1823,00.html


I really like the “Yeah, aowh!” part. :smiley:

LOL… good stuff. Watch out for falling uni’s!!! :astonished:

Thanks for the great laugh, I laughed out loud after watching it several times!!:smiley:

i too watched it several times- very funny


HAHAHA!!…there must’ve been like a hundreds of people watching!

You should post that on!

hehe you guys shoulda seen it live…it was very funny indeed :smiley:

hahah that was indeed hilarious, I would love to try that on a 29er or coker!

Thank goodness you didn’t pull a Greg Louganis on your way down. There was a pretty big splash on that dive, I’d give it a 5/10 (points for difficulty).

Take, for example, Andrew’s UPD. A clean entry, no splash, and the uni stays put. That’s a 9/10!

Onto the medal round!