Funky Wellgo pedal designs... **LOOK IN**

Over the course of the past few weeks, through random browsing I came across a whole stash of unsung heroes from the Wellgo hidden catalogue. Some of these aren’t even on their site…

hahaha… cowprint MG1s

All of them have code number names so if you want to search prices and weights just google. My favourite are the bottom pair, it weighs a few grams more than the Echo TRs… and some of the others are all between 300-400g.

You can find some on eBay for around $40, $60, $70 depending on model.,

awesome :smiley:

Wow some of them are pretty cool. I still prefer the look of the echo ones though :smiley:
Shame I didn’t get any in sponge’s sale…

Im using the B030 for quite a while now, nice grip, good weight and so far no problems :slight_smile:

is there a model number for those batman ones? :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are the ones that caught my eye too. :smiley:

Just like all the others, it looks like it’s printed right there on the face of the pedal.
. . . now all you have to do is translate it. :smiley:

Marco, whereabouts did you get your B030s from? So far I’ve only skimmed across eBay imports from the USA… which is a bit of a hassle for just a set of pedals.

Is there a source in Europe that’s readily available? Those are pretty light according to manufacturer weights and look alright!

Love the Batman pedals, but am I missing something?
How do you tighten them to your cranks?
Is the angle of the photo fooling me?

Im guessing theres an alan key slot at the end :slight_smile:

Well that’s sneaky.

No shop in Europe… Olaf bought a bunch of pedals of some guy that had the pedals in ebay (straight from the wellgo factory i think). Did take a few weeks waiting. I think i paid around 65€ for the pedals.

I have some in stock:

MG1 magnesium colour: titanium
MG1 titan colour: red
137b: colour: red

There’s some nice CNC Alu pedals on their site too.

I never knew they did so many different ones!