Hello All!!

As you should know the date set for Funkadelic Wheeljam 2004 is coming quickly upon us. In fact, this weekend is the weekend of the event and I wanted to make sure you all had the proper information in time so that you could then get back to me and confirm your entrance. Please write back so that I might know who is on the list for sure. I know a good number of you have already confirmed this with me but it would be appreciated if I had it all in my mailbox to review. Thanks!

The website is:

The date of Wheeljam is: Saturday January 10th 2004 from 5-9 PM… HOWEVER!!! If you happen to have the day available to you please contact me for we will be doing some trials riding throughout Bristol and Berlin before the competition itself.

The LOCATION of the comp!: CT Bike 80 South st. Bristol, Ct 06010. Directions can be found on

The location of my house (for those needing a place to stay or wanting to come early. Contact me about times.):
154 Robindale dr. Berlin CT 06037. Directions for this address can also be found on

The registration fee is: $20 dollars for unicyclists $5 for spectators.

What will we be doing exactly?: It is my hope that all riders will compete in a freeride competition regardless of skill. There will be a cash prize of $125 for the expert class and $75 dollars for the beginner. We will also be playing a game or two of unicycle hockey, having assorted wild contests, playing music on the sound system, having a half serious halfpipe comp, and watching the FINISHED version of Dan Heatons “Universe 2” at the skatepark.

For your information: Dan and I originally had it planned that Universe 2 would be for sale at this event. However, Dans duplication guys have been slow on behalf of the holidays and unfortunately we will be unable to sell the tapes at Wheeljam. Dan has sent us a finished VHS copy for the group to watch on Saturday and this will be the first offical audience screening of the video. IT WILL NOT BE FOR SALE.

THINGS YOU COULD DO TO HELP: If you happen to have anything that we could use for obstacles for the event (aka: your corvette?) such as palettes, smaller spools, or wood it would be appreciated if you could bring them. Hockey sticks come in handy too. If you own a hockey stick… bring it.

Lastly, if you are coming from a distance remember that we can host you at my house for the weekend! There is plenty of floor space and you can bring a sleeping bag. There will be a game of RISK after the comp! (ROCK ON!!)

Sweat, good footin’, and good times,, CT Unicycle, and TJ