Funkadelic Wheeljam Competition Details

20 Riders for sure on our list!!! 30 total possible competitors!!!

Bristol, CT USA at the CT Bike Indoor Freestyle Arena

PRiZeD and SPonSoREd by: The Cutting Edge,, and Gravity Warehouse.

NOTICE!!! Universe 2 will be sold (and played… full feature) at the competition for a special discounted competition price!!!

Saturday, January 10th 2004!! Come join us on the 9th and stick around for the competition from 5-9 PM on Saturday night!!!


Competitors will be given 2:30 seconds on a course with a variety of riding obstacles to show off. All types of riders welcome!! Judging provided by your fellow riders based on skill, style, and creativity!!

We will also be playing a variety of games… hockey, cancrushing, new trick contests, and vert/halfpipe challenge.

SIGN UP AND CHECK OUT THE SITE BY E-MAILING ME AT or by checking out the competition website at

Sweat and good footin’!!!

link dosn’t work for me

Rogue full stop.


my mom says I can go if I find out the details. The link doesn’t work for me either. Sounds Great!

hello all!!!

the website link is

There may be a slight change in location depending on the attitude I get from the manager of CT Bike… he has really been the only one not cooperating with us. He is currently charging us twice the amount he normally charges for rentals and hes been extremely rude going to great lengths to make it clear that he believes unicycling to be “lame”. If I cannot negotiate with him in a better more civil way then he may end up losing our business to the much larger (if not potentially more expensive “gaps” park in Milford. If so I will be changing the info on the webpage and will keep you all informed. Until then believe whatever the site says.

I may simply have to change parks based on the size of the event. This may very well end up being the largest unicycle event on this side of the country!!

uni412: e-mail me with any detail questions left unanswered by this reply!!.

Peace out.

Coolist unicycle comp idea as of yet. I really wish I could come, who knows maybe I’ll find a way to make it up there.

Is it cool if stragglers come that dont register?

Feel free to come without confirming… we want anyone on one wheel on this side of the US…


you can count me in on this event. also who from the cutting edge and are going to come and how can i contact them because my sponsor Gravity Warehouse wants to get ahold of them on stuff to bring and prizes for the finalists and what-not. if you need another judge for the “comp” part i also have a downhill racer who would come and judge if needed. e-mail me with info at
later Kyle Grasso


I’m interested, but not sure I’m free that weekend. I’ll let you know. I tried to email you, but it was bounced.


keep trying!