funbox finished - allready injured

Well instead of ressurecting this thread I’ll start a new one.

After spending the last 3 days happily buidling away today I finished my fun box. Well its not completely finished, I still need to stick an angle iron to one edge for grinding, but apart from that its finished. It stands 40cm tall, 73cm wide and 138cm long. It’s bloody heavy so im hoping to attach small wheels to make moving it a little easier. I may post some pictures if i get some.

Anyway I decided to have a small play on it, nothing major just hop around a little with my sandwhich boards and my new toy, so I don’t even strap on my 661’s, im not doing anything major so I won’t need them right? - Wrong!
My funbox allready wants my blood - After about 5 minutes I set myself up to hop onto the box, all goes well and i get on, though not quite enough, I slip back, my uni flies off and my shin happily flies into the sharp plywood edge of the box. I didn’t really want to look because I knew what I would see and i couldn’t be bothered dealing with another injury after just healing from the cut in my knee (see this thread), but I couldn’t exactly not look so i did, and just as I had expected a nice chunk had been extracted from my shin, and on further investigation I found it happily stuck to the edge of my box. A nice flap of hairy (yes all the hairs we’re still on, it looked funny) skin.

It slowly started to bleed, I continued hopping around a bit, though before i could go and tend to it the neighbours visitors and their small daughter popped over to see what this silly guy was doing on one wheel, so I had to put on a small show with blood slowly soaking into my sock, anyway after about 5 minutes of explaining why i chose unicycling and listening to the guy talk about his trials biker friend i managed to go and clean up my shin.

However from this all I learnt one very important lesson - whenever, no matter how easy the riding i think im doing is - where my leg armour, and it will save me from these annoying little injuries.

Ouch! Please tell me you took photos of the hairy chunk of skin still on the funbox. You haven’t peeled it off there yet have you? That sounds like it would have been incredibly painful, but now you’ll have some nice unicycling scars if you’re into that sort of thing. :slight_smile: I’d love ot see photos of the funbox too.


Yeah sorry Andrew I peeled off the skin and didn’t take photos . :astonished: sorry bout that
Ok i’ll take some photos of the fun box, damn i need a digital camera. It will take a while before I can actually get the photos and scan them etc, but yeah i’ll get some. Its pretty cool.