fun video

hey guys. Just a fun video with my friends and brother.

not the best riding, just us having fun.

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Wasnt to fond of this vid :roll_eyes:
Some alright tricks in there. Youd prolly suffer some less flats with a higher tire pressure.

Cool vid! Most of my and friends’ filming is like that, just havin fun.

Why did’nt you like it? I seriously doubt that a higher pressure tire will prevent my tire from popping when I catch the last stair of a 6 set.

no it will.
i love your out flip attempts
they looked painful

Ya after I posted that i realized that it might keep me from bottoming out. thanks and ya they were.

Mostly I wasnt fond of the music.
I understand is was just a “having fun” video, but you should have put in a bit more effort on the content and edidintg. Ive seen some pretty good stuff from you in the past.

its not so much the tire as the tube. i kinda have a motorcycle tube in my uni… i sorta caught the last stair on a 12… its fine

yeah, but it still is just a silly fun vid. It cured boardom for me, so it passes :slight_smile: Nice ridding :wink:

Nice! Very good video and editing and your unispins are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.:slight_smile:

THanks Terry! Those were the first that I had landed on my trials. The two kids on the DX’s are my friends, Colby(the one who fell on the drop) and Drew. They’re both progressing very fast.

nice video, while I was gone at camp he learned 360 flip very nice, will never learn full outflip…cant outflip

Score!!! I went out to try a 360 flip, landed it 3 times!!!

Niec Video…Kinda Random though…:smiley:

sweet video, but were you trying to land outflips seat in, because you are meant to land seat out, hence full OUTflips.

good work though