Fun Video

Just a fun video we made

Cool, but you missed a clip.:wink:

yeah i know

Pat or Eli,

However has the 5 set, 2 set, and 3 set has the BEST house.

Really nice video.

Eli, that 7spin rollingwrap backroll, did you land one footed or two?

I think it is Pat’s.
That was a 540 unispin.

The video had some nice stuff in it. I expected more street wise though.

Yeah it’s my house. We really didn’t feel like doing much so we just made a short video. We will put a lot more street in our next vid

:astonished: :astonished: 54 to wrapwalk to backroll!!! :astonished: :astonished: great!!!

awesome, the 5spin to wrapwalk to backroll was pretty sick !! and first I thought it was a 7 spin :astonished: :smiley:

I really enjoyed the vid:)

this is a great vid

great riding, but IMO crap song.
the 540 to rollingwrap-backroll was amazing!!

I thought the peleflip 3set was ballsy.

Me too :roll_eyes:

haha it was pretty scary

Great vid, no doubt about that.

Old school :stuck_out_tongue:

That inspired me

Exactly! We tried to avoid all the flips for this one.