Fun video, nothing serious

i LMAO at no swimming part looks like you had fun :slight_smile: great video made me happy =D

nice vid guys, was that a fifth out flip up the curb? pretty sweet and trey variations down that ledge were nuts, side and double yeah? nice work

Fifthdouble down the curb??? Your getting good Mikael.

Very good. Too good, in fact.

Fun video.

lol I guess its a joke Christ? if no its KRISZ not me xD and I dont think its double :wink:

Thanks Emile :stuck_out_tongue:

really cool tricks in it…was that at the end a treytripleflip? (didnt land it)

you’re really good, what was the last tric?? it looks awesome :smiley:
and the swimming part was fun :stuck_out_tongue: !!! :slight_smile:

Nice short video! Highly enjoyable!

yep, emile is my secretary.

lol, i thought you don’t need a secretary :slight_smile:

nice one jim :smiley:

Lol that was a cool video. I kinda like these “nothing serious” informal type videos they are cool. Especially when they have good riders in them so that it’s not just boring, but there are good tricks here and there and yeah. Good video. No swimming was funny.

Yeah can someone please confirm if that was a fifth double for me? Thanks, lol.

Apparently its not.


Yeah, I’m thinking it’s unlikely Krisz can fifth double off a curb if he was trey double-ing off a much higher ledge in that vid. But it’s still possible.

But I’ll take your word Mikael :wink:

when he bail its a treytriple, not double. he can treydouble on flat, probably fifthdouble too but im not sure.