Fun unicycling video

This is just a video of me and my friends unicycling throughout the summer, we’re not the best, but oh well. Here’s the link

It was good I like the muni down the steeeeeeeep hill.

I wish I had a coker.

Welcome from DeviantArt. Good to see you posting here.

Haha, I come on here a lot, I just rarely post.

Where is that steep hill? It looks just like a hill at Canisbay in Algonquin park

It looks like you were trying to land sideways off of some of that stuff. Dont… its not good for your rim. just land it straight unless you can do a full 180 or 360.
And Hold on to the seat when you are riding down hills. It helps
Other than that great job

Nice vid. Try SIF for higher sidehops.

good to see more cokers.

I’ve been there tons of time, where is the hill your thinking of?

Sweet video. I like the song, who is it by and what is the name?