Fun UNI "bonfire" at Doheny State beach 9/30/07!

(No, it’s not a bunch of CX’s thrown in a pile and set ablaze!, haha! :wink: )

Here’s what I was able to get on video. It got dark pretty fast and so half way through the quality suffers from lack of light, even though my camera has a feature that makes it look lighter than it actually is.

Anyway, I think the vid captures the fun we all had! Hope you enjoy…:slight_smile:


That was sweet, looked like A fun day :slight_smile:

it was so fun


Can Dino do a slam dunk?

Oh yeah, and climb the tallest tree in a snap! That kid be fearless…and crazy!:stuck_out_tongue:

They still make “Jiffy Pop”?

Oh yeah! But that batch didn’t come out it never cooked. I actually prefer the old fashioned method; in a pot with a little conola oil and pop away! Then a little salt, no butter.mmmmmm!