fun things to do on a uni

There is a list somewhere around here of fun things to do on a uni, and it’s
been a while since I read it so maybe this idea is already there:

Ride your uni in strong gusty winds! The average wind speed in Topeka Kansas USA
today was 25mph, with gusts to 45 mph. I parked near the state capitol building
and noodled around in a 4 block area among the government buildings and the
nearby downtown.

The wind currents are wild enough out in the open but try riding around the
corners of buildings! And there was one crosswalk with a sidewind so strong I
was leaning as far to the right as I could with arm extended and the wind was
still pushing me to the left! Of course I hammed it up for the government
workers all taking smoke breaks (no smoking allowed in the buildings) by
pointing the direction I wanted to go & shouting at my uni “NO! THAT way!
THAT way!”

Try all your best skills, like spins, wheel walking, kickup mounts, etc. Pulling
off a skill on the ragged edge of control feels rather comical and I’m sure it
looked that way to my audience too!


Senior citizen walking along: “Hey, have you ever fallen off that damned thing?”

One wheeled fool, pointing to Senior citizen’s Nikes: “Have you ever fallen off
THOSE damned things?”

Senior citizen, getting nervous: “Well yeah, I’m getting on in years and I do
fall down once in a while.”

One wheeled fool: “It’s the same situation–It’s not important how many times
you fall down, but how many times you get back up!”

We parted with smiles on our faces. I rather enjoyed that!

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