fun things to do on a 24inch muni?

I got my torker dx last month and now I can ride forwards, backwards, jump, and even do some 180’s.
Any ideas what to learn next?

If you do Facebook, go here:

There’s non-stop tricky stuff going on there.

If you want to ride MUni rolling hops are worthwhile. No hand hops are pretty handy, but to be honest I’ve only done them by accident when I wasn’t thinking. Whenever I’ve tried to do one on purpose it hasn’t worked out so well for me.

Rolling hops are definitely worth learning (even though I’m not very good at them).

A skill that I view as being very helpful for Muni would be one-foot riding, but I still can’t do it with my left foot. For those times when you lose control, if you can keep a foot on a pedal you’d still be able to save it.

Still stands and stalls are also a helpful skill to have for Muni.

Any ideas for street to entertain my friends

Here’s street on a 26" MUni. So 24 would be a bit easier, but maybe there’s a reason street is usually done on a 20.