fun ride with funny comment too!

so, i went for an hour muni ride today, were padded cycling shorts my croch didn’t feel a think the whole timeit was fun,:smiley: ,then later i went downtown and was uniing a bit then i was like jumping up and down small curbs, and i learned how to hop up curbs without measureing it off!:smiley: but then i was like so tired i was just going good then my foot just like slipped off the pedal then i tried to jump and the uni just went out from under me with all these people watching it was so embarrassing :angry: then i took a little break, and bam i was back jumping again it was so much fun!:smiley: o yeah, this little kid was like “he broke it” then this other lady that was really old thought i made it myself!
thats all and it was a fun ride but i was really tired, but im not super tired now.
all in all it was alot of fun