fun ride today at hummingbird trail topanga canyon ca

Great day to ride Sunday Feb 22 2009

Wow that looks like fun! I can’t imagine what it’s like to be able to ride with other unicyclists! :frowning: You guys are so lucky to have such a community!

Dang, looks like you guys had a blast! Wish I would’ve went…but to be honest I was a wee bit hungover and unicycling up in the “brokeback mountains” didn’t sound like the best idea, plus I thought it might rain…excuses, excuses. Hope to ride with ya’ll soon.

Nice High Q pics and smiles all around.
Are those all 24" Muni’s?

great pics, muniman! Thanks for taking the camera.

Image rotation would be nice.

But that looks like super-fun riding.

I had them the right way went I loaded them up, don’t know why they flipped back

Yes they were

Ha! Your photos do unispins.

You were probably looking at them with the camera software, which will display rotated images the right way up. But you have to actually do something to rotate them so they are rotated for people not using your camera software. If you have a Canon, there’s a menu option, “Rotate according to rotation information” which will do it for you. You can set that to happen automatically.