Fun ride this Saturday near S.J.Capistrano!

IF anyone wants to join us, and you live within reasonable distance of San Juan Capistrano, members of the Orange County Uni club will be meeting at 2pm this saturday for a “Funi” (Fun uni) ride! This will be similar to a recent ride we did at Dana Point:

This time we’ll be uni-ing to Monarch Beach. Also, most of the kids will be there again. I will be going with My local riding buddy Perry and his Mom Francela, who will be riding her mtb; we’re really trying to get her to learn to ride a uni! Hope to see ya there!:smiley: We usually meet for pizza and ice cream after the ride! It’ll be a blast, as usual!

:smiley: Sweet a ride:D . Ha HA HA ha to onelesscar you are not in town yet we will miss you NOT;) . lol. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope some new people will be able to come. It is a easy ride down hill on a bike path, but will be lots of fun to see what the kids have lerned this summer. :sunglasses: . there will be about 15-20 riders. hope to see new faces.

This ride will be new to me, so is it a loop, or out & back? ABout how far all together?

:angry: :frowning: :angry: :frowning: :angry: :frowning: :angry:

btw, terry, is that you in your avatar?

That’s Sir Michael Redgrave, in a publicity photo for the 1945 classic film, “Dead of Night”.
Very, VERY eerie film. Countless later films and TV shows have “borrowed” the idea, most noteably, “Magic”, and the Twilight Zone eposode, “The Dummy”, with Cliff Roberston.

So no, that’s not me.:smiley:

loop. It is mostly on a bike path, booo :angry: .however there should be some pice of public property we can distroy.:slight_smile: onelesscar it is probly to hard for you, lol ha ha :smiley:

I might be able to come. I have a muni ride at 8 in the morning though, so we’ll see. is it street/trials or muni? I want to come!!!


yeah, I suppose I should just give up and go mountain b*king instead. :frowning: Since I actually know people up here who mountain bike and are kind to me. :smiley: