so i have two recent videos, i tore them apart and took the good clips, added a few new ones and THIS is what i got

gallery version coming soon.

gallery, missed the edit
and i just thought this was a much better version of my past two videos

I think I love you :astonished:

Awesome video :smiley: I still dont understand how you rolling hop so far… :frowning: It isnt human… MAYBE YOUR NOT HUMAN! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

That was amazing. Great music to.

dude…your soo amazing! i absolutely love your gaps, you have me jealous:o , i think your my favorite rider:) . keep it up

PS. r u pro? and if not…you should be. (i am really srry if you are and i should know, but as far as i know, your just an absolutely amazing am.)

Sweet! :smiley:

You have MASSIVE rolling hops, but me thinks you need to be good a wider variety of uni skills (which you definately improved), and got close to you hops in overal difficulty, in order for you to be pro. But then again not being one of the best and well rounded hasn’t kept tons of athletes from making a living at it.

Skier Mike Douglas is a perfect example. He’s one of the highest paid pro skiers, yet I doubt he could make the finals in a major big air/slope-style/halfpipe contest.

I think he should stick with rolling hops because they’re amazing :smiley:
And with jumping that far, it would be soo fun

Yeah his style is sickening

Go big or go home, don worry about those little clown tricks called flips and wrap arounds. We don’t dance with our uni’s, we jump em

i love it! goin in my signature!

thats going in my sig… and nobody gets in my sig

no i am not “pro” by any definition.
i like learning new tricks and all, but i don’t see a point in complicating things so much. i ride for fun. i don’t care to do a 1480 UNISPIN/5Xcrankflip, don’t get me wrong. i am impressed by those tricks, but they are too time consuming and lame to constrain myself to. i like throwing myself into the air and applying myself in areas unseen. it isn’t about the trick, it isn’t about the jump, for me… we have heard it a thousand times, sport is for fun above all, not necessarily competition… well unicycling is that fun for me. i am too competitive in nature to play an organized sport and truly have a blast doing it, but unicycling is definitely … a blast…
now to measure the gap before the truck jump… its by far the biggest thing i have ever jumped… i’m making no estimates though.

While everyone else is putting things in their sigs…:smiley:
It just sounds kinda funny

Yeah… actually it really doesnt sound funny… :angry:
Ill just pick something else…

Haha Gold Jerry, GOLD!:stuck_out_tongue:

does that mean you dont want me to put it in mine, cause if thats what you mean ill take it out…and srry for the semi-threadjack

Glad you guys agree/liked it.

Uhh, Im not jerry though. Don’t really know were you got that one from, but o well.:slight_smile:

That’s a quote from Seinfeld. I use it a lot.:smiley:


jerry, no, that doesn’t fit his real name close enough…
even if it is a quote from seinfeld

anyways, back to the video :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m open for sponsoring if anyone wants to… (lol)

Its only hardcore “fun” when you jump your uni. Tricks are never “fun” till you land em for the first time, or master it completely, but jumping is learned as a beginner.
It inspires me to go practise my rolling hops whenever i see one of your vids. Honestly, i still havn’t gotten over that truck gap. Have you tried jumping a building gap? That would get you sponsored for sure… In southern ireland, houses are no more than 8 feet apart. Go catch some footage of you and that 9’ hop :wink: .

ridiculous hops. I honestly have a hard time believing that you are really a white guy. No seriously sweet video your hops amaze me.