Fun over , torn ACL

I just got the bad news that I have a complete tear in my ACL ligament and torn cartilage in my knee. I think all my fun stuff might be over for most of the summer. :angry: :angry:

Crap! What’s going on with the injuries lately? Well hang tough and do what you have to. The NFL guys seem to come back stronger than ever, so here’s hoping it’s just a temporary setback. Stay in touch and know we’re all here for you.

It’s a work related injury so that makes it a little easier to deal with. I’m just bummed out that I won’t be able to do all the summer stuff I do. I ride motocross, moto trials, mountain bike and this year I started muni cycling and trials bicycle. I recently made some pretty good goals on both the trials bike and the uni. It probably wil be like starting over when I can finally ride.

I had ACL , cartilage surgery in 1990. Hopefully medical technology has gotten much better. I was laid up for almost 6 months and I was in the hospital for four days. I will be seeing a specialist soon and hoping for good news but I’m optimistic .

Wow, sorry to hear it! But glad to see you’re a “veteran” of this kind of thing, and have the kind of attitude that will help you recover without any lasting problems. That’s a lot of active sports that you participate in!
Good luck to you!! :slight_smile:


But yes, I think you will find things have changed a lot. My (second) ACL surgery was in 2008 and both the surgery and therapy are quite different than say pre-2000s.

Modern surgery should be arthroscopic, meaning that instead of making a huge cut to access, there are only a few holes and they use a tube with a camera to access it internally. I think I had 2 holes, one above and one below the knee, each smaller than a dime. Thus, much smaller skin area to heal, less chance of infection, less swelling and less scarring.

And therapy has changed a lot. In general the old outdated concepts of full immobilization and “letting it heal” for months have been replaced by new modern approaches that recommend a) lots of joint movement to ensure full range of motion and b) partial weight-bearing with gradual increases and c) “active” therapy with non-maximal controlled movement, training and exercise. These strategies reduce two frequent problems of not regaining full range of motion as well as reduce muscle and nerve atrophy from non-use if immobilized for long periods of time.

But your summer will probably not be filled with action sports.

I’m really sorry to hear this. Surgery and treatment have come a long way though. Hopefully you won’t be out of the game for 6 months again. And, on a very selfish note, I am quite relieved this wasn’t a unicycle accident. I swear I was about to hang it all up when I saw your thread.

Good luck!


Sorry to hear about the injury. That really sucks! Hope you have a fast and successful recovery!

Thanks for all the support. I’m really bummed because the unicycle and bicycle trials are so new to me and every time I rode I saw improvement. It will probably be like starting over when I can finally ride.

OMG, sorry to hear this. Get well soon, buddy!

My brother had to get his ACL fixed, just last month (soccer accident). He got better and was up and about (assisted) within a week. And then more or less back to normal in a month (he was advised to keep it moving - doctor’s orders). Now, he’s off to college, freshman year.