Fun on the 4th

Here are a couple of group shots taken before the parade yesterday of our “Uni” group. It was a sweet parade, about 1 hour long, and the weather was Colorado perfect. It was soooo much fun, some of the group rode the route a couple of times. Looking forward to next years parade already. Cheers.


haha, looks fun

Haha nice pic; the two on the far right are wearing hats under their helmets like I do! (I knew I should’ve patented that idea!;);)) PS: the kid 4th from the left looks pretty mad! (in the 1st pic) :slight_smile:

PS#2: Where do you get those things for the inside of the wheel? How do you put them in?

PS 1 Yeah, Cole has many faces, it was his mom taking the pic, maybe thats why.
PS2 It is just crate? paper, and it takes some time to do it right, but on the unis it looks awesome. You just lace it back and forth.

yes indeed.

It is hard to work today, after the fun we had yesterday:)