fun on my uni

this is the result of an incredibly boring sunday afternoon:

i was riding around out there for about an hour, and after 25 minutes or so i had like 2 people with cam corders taping me. got me a good laugh. though there sure is a lot of wind resistance when i’m wearing that thing.

i think i should eventually start a gallery here or something. jessica dorky unicycle adventures… weee


These are great pics, Jess! The last reference doesn’t work until you change the jpg to JPG, though.

I have an old German army cape that I’ll have to see if I can get tangled in the uni too. But I’m sure I won’t have near as much style.

I’m looking forward to your gallery.

kewl pics!

any plans for halloween yet?

Love the pics Jess! My favorite is number 3. Very sleek.


WOW,i had no idea.

Hey Jess, we do have a gallery here.
Take a look at those groovy uni pics.
-David Kaplan

hehe, for halloween im thinking i’ll get a broom, saw it in half, and attach one end to the front of my seat and one to the back. i don’t know how well that will work but it’ll be fun to try!

Glad ya guys enjoyed those pics, as soon as I get more I shall start a gallery here or something. I haven’t really had the time or anyone to get pictures of me, since it’s my camera and I’m usually doing the picture taking. I finally guilted my mom into it though lol. Hopefully she’ll do it again!


Jess, an even easier way would be to just tape the broom to the bottom of the seat. If you stuck some duct tape around the front and the back of the seat, the broom would stay wuite well.

That is a good idea, however, mounting and dismounting would be a PITA. Not to mention how painful a UPD would be with the front of the broom lodged in your eye socket.
-David Kaplan

RE: fun on my uni

Wow, looks like you guys had a fun time!
A winter wonderland. But I thought winter was over? Apparently that depends
where you live. Jacquie and I took a ride on our bike (tandem) past some
snow last weekend, but we were wearing shorts and sunscreen. That was at
Lake Tahoe.

Max is one tough MUnier. I especially liked the pictures of the unicycles,
with technical descriptions of them when you can barely make out the color
of the frame through the snow… :slight_smile:

Stay on top,
John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“I am never riding the wrong way on a busy street again, esp. when on the
phone.” - David Stone, on survival

Sorry John, I think you got the wrong thread. Oh, dont cry, it will be ok, we arent laughing too hard.
-David Kaplan

WOW my new powers DO work! Thanks, Santa!


Check out her web site, and reconsider that statement. She’s not cycling on your team. :wink: Still, I can see how you might be misslead- the use of steriotypical Wican iconography is usualy shuned by her ilk.

The broom, BTW, should project bristles first, and terminate at the sadle- if you want an authentic look.

Still, great pics Jess- I’ll let you know if they hit Lewis’ desk top.


Re: fun on my uni

On Mon, 22 Apr 2002 17:21:08 -0500, unijess
<> wrote:

> I finally guilted my mom into it though lol.

Further proof that any noun can be verbed.

Klaas Bil

“To trigger/fool/saturate/overload Echelon, the following has been picked automagically from a database:”
“Refah, Hillal, Halibut”

thanks for all the suggestions for how i should go about attaching a broom to maria (umm, that would be my unicycle’s name). i think i’ll have to be extra careful with the UPD’s, that getting hit in the face with a broom stick thing doesn’t sound too appealing… Any idea what else i should try to wear while unicycling (that won’t get me arrested)? :stuck_out_tongue:


Dangerous Question!
-David Kaplan

whew wee,im really to old for this;)

hey, i said that WON’T get me arrested! shakes fist, get your minds out of the gutter :smiley:


what to wear

why not start on a fancy dress adventure?
u’ve got six members of the village ppl to go thru
just to warm up

ref a previous thread where a brooklyn cokerite nearly got a ticket, getting arrested will give u bragging rights for life
dont be scared

look after u

What to wear…

I prefer driving-goggles, a nice, long white scarf, a leather airman’s cap, and white gloves. Just watch the scarf doesn’t get caught on the pedal… that never ends well for me.

Re: fun on my uni

On Tue, 23 Apr 2002 22:37:11 -0500, unijess
<> wrote:

>Any idea what
>else i should try to wear while unicycling (that won’t get me arrested)?

I have nothing to suggest :slight_smile:

Klaas Bil

“To trigger/fool/saturate/overload Echelon, the following has been picked automagically from a database:”
“22 SAS, klm, 32”