Fun Muni ride with two newbies!

Yesterday I met and rode Muni (at Portuguese bend in Palos Verdes, CA) with newbie rider Tom, 42, visiting from Massachusets, and he did great for his very first Muni ride!

Then today, I rode the same trail with another newbie, Enrico, 53, who also did great for his first time! Anyone who lives in the LA area, or will be visiting (Like Tom) are more than welcome to join me for a Muni ride at this trail in Palos Verdes.

It’s really a fantastic trail for beginners and experienced riders alike. I’m out there at least 3 days per week. Simply PM me if you’d like to get together for a ride, or have any questions about the trail.:smiley:

Glad to hear it! Nothing is better than a nice muni ride with newbies, make ya’ feel superior eh?

Haha nah it just fun to ride with other Muni-enthusiasts…regardless of skill level!:slight_smile:

Indeed - it’s most fun to introduce muni to people and turn them on to what we love so much.

Agreed! Well said. :sunglasses:

Who is this Tom from Massachusetts? I’d be interested in riding with him in his home state.

Well, I hope my memory is correct; I think he said Massachusetts.:o Anyway, I just PMd you with his email address.