Fun Ideas?

Any ideas of what to do, if you’re stuck in your driveway and can’t go anywhere else, besides trying new tricks?

Make the space your own, build up… ride on boards, pallets, extend over your front yard and explore that way.

Learn to breakdance

I’ve been trying to learn to walk on my hands but that’s not good for the driveway itself - too hard when you fall over! You could try taking the wheel out of your uni and learning to ride it as an Ultimate Wheel. I understand that’s actually harder than riding one of the dedicated UWs but it is doable (not by me, though!).

unicycle basketball?
unicycle hockey?

Juggle. I never get bored with that : )

If you mean fun things to do with unicycles, props are a good place to start like someone else suggested. Here is a link to some simple trials props you can easily make. []

Thanks guys! This helped!

Unicycle joust, if you have a friend near you ;).
Depends on why you’re stuck in your driveway and if you have a steep driveway or not.