fun hour ride

i just went on a fun little ride around a path near the beach in my town and around near the beach some, it was an hour long i had a lot of fun, got to show off a bit even though all i can do is ride, most of the time thats all you have to do to show off on a unicycle, so yeah it was fun, then i went down to the beach and swam for a bit to cool off then found out that uni riding on a wet swimsuit is really painful, but i still want to go on the 35 mile kal-haven trail(not all the way for now but a little bit) yep it was cool, i think im gonna go convince my mom to let me ride my uni downtown tonight to the fireworks and symphony thing.

That’s what unicycling is about: not the latest equipment, or specific skills, but simply enjoying riding a unicycle. And yes, a little bit of showing off.:smiley: