Fun activities for kids.

I am looking for fun activities ideas for a small school (3rd to 12th grade) unicycle festival I am putting together. I want something different from track races, muni, road, and so forth and something that doesn’t involve trying to knock the other kid of a unicycle. Most of the kids only have 20 inch uni’s and are limited in their skills (like hopping). We will have the standard events like those that are at UNICON, but I am looking for alternatives that will keep everyone happy.

So what are some creative events you have seen or taken part in?

I am also looking for some ideas for a fund raising booth that involves unicycles. This would be for the non-unicyclist. Another group has balloons that you race to blow up so large that they pop - using a bicycle pump.To take part it cost a dollar. I thought about ‘try a unicycle’, but I am not sure how that will go over with no pads/helmets readily available. They are kind of unbending on safety. I also thought about putting balloons on a uni wheel that you have to try to pop with darts, but then decided young kids throwing darts is not a good idea.

So any unicycling fund raising ideas that don’t involve actual riding?