Fulloutspin Tutorial

Hi, this is a tutorial I made on fulloutspins.

View it here:

What do you guys think?

Sweet tutorial, I bet I can land these now. :slight_smile:

I like how you broke it down in to a bunch of easily achievable steps!

Thanks! Glad I could help!

that was helpful. you should make some more tutorials for crank rolls and crankflips and stuff.

Thanks! I am planning to make many more tutorials. You can post a specific request for a tutorial here:

thanks for posting this, haha maybe i can figure out how to do that now.

Give it a go! It shouldn’t take you very long.

Can anyone make tutorials and post them on that site or just you? I’d be interested in making some (maybe)

edit: Forgot to say, great tut :slight_smile: I’ll have to learn these now.

Thanks. I have added a place for others to submit tutorials:
Just fill in the information, submit it and I’ll post it with your name at the bottom.