Fulloutfakieflip help

Does anyone have tips for these?

I can either stay over it, and not get the full spin and rotation, or I can not stay over it, but get the full flip and spin…

Any tips are welcome. Maybe it would be easier to do a fulloutback?


I would say fulloutbacks are harder.

Fulloutfakies are quite difficult. Just keep trying. I noticed that I have to really kick hard to get them going. It seems easiest with our stance to learn them going really slowly and then kicking really hard while spinning. I don’t really like doing them much to be honest, it’s a bit unpleasant somehow. I much prefer inward varial fakieflips. They just overall feel a whole lot better and don’t seem as forced, if you know what I mean. Maybe practice those a bit, since I got them before fulloutfakies.

Fulloutfakies are the shit. They are very tricky. I have to ride slow then kick hard aswell. Otherwise it just dosn’t work…

Just keep trying. Commit to the landing. Even if it looks like your no way near landing it, commit to the landing, take a few hits to the shins, then you’ll figure out what your doing wrong.

Thanks so much for the help.
I’ve been doing the opposite-- Going fast into them and not applying much pressure to get the flip. I’ll just commit, until I land one. I’m going to work pretty hard on these, they look freakin beast.

Yeah, practicing them was definitely hard on the shins for me too…

once you get them could you make a video because I have no idea what that is. Just from the name it sounds hard though