Fullmoon riding

I had to write about our ride last Tuesday night. Since 1983, I’ve been doing
fullmoon mountain bike rides on the trails in the Santa Cruz mountains. This
month, 4 of us tried one on unicycles. It was 9.1 miles with 2000’/600m of
climbing. The moon was partially obscured by fog most of the time, and we were
under thick trees some of the time, so 2 of us had helmet mounted NiteRider
lights. The ride was on a dirt fireroad, sometimes quite steep, with some bumps.
At times we were above the fog and it was incredibly beautiful.

Initially, while going up, it seemed like hitting any little rock would cause a
crash, but as I got more used to riding in the dark, I started surviving these
more. And the 2000’ descent was great - you have enough momentum so that unseen
rocks and bumps don’t cause any problem.

I can’t recommend it highly enough! Anyone out there who enjoys being outdoors
and rides a unicycle should give it a try. You might find you get addicted!