Fullmoon ride

All I can say is WOW! What a perfect night, SO bright. The ride was to the top
of Chalk Mountain, from the end of Gazos Creek Rd, about 4 miles each way. This
is a beautiful area, mostly on ridge tops, hilly, and with fantastic views. From
the summit, the surf was the loudest thing we heard, 1600’ feet below. Once back
to the truck, 3 of us got to ride down the 4WD road to the pavement, fast
downhill, muddy & steep, trying to avoid the 2’ deep ruts… This would be a
great area for mountain bikes too.

Here’s the log entry:

3/1/99 From Gazos Creek Rd up to Chalk Mountain and back on unicycles.

      Beautiful perfect night. Back to pavement at 12:00am. 11 miles,
      ~1000', 3:00, Fun rating 9.0 Bruce Bundy, Geoff Faraghan, Nathan
      Hoover, Rob Bowman

Afterwards, we enjoyed videos and beer at Bruce’s house. It was so fun, I didn’t
get home until 3:15am. Days like this make Mondays seem pretty good after all…