Fullface helmets

Has anyone ever found any use for a fullface helmet while unicycling? For example has someone bashed his chin or something like that.

Some discussion in this thread.

I once fell on my face after attempting a very steep and rocky 10 ft decent. Got a nose bleed (didn’t break it though), bit my bottom lip pretty hard, and honestly thought I broke my jaw, but I think I just screwed up the left jaw joint thingy. It hurt to eat for a while after that, and my teeth didn’t really line up like they used to, but it got better in a few weeks. It still makes crazy popping and crackling noises.

I went to a doctor about it, he didn’t think much of it though. Lately I’ve been getting random sharp pains there, so I might go back to the doc.

After the incident I thought about getting a face helmet, but never got around to it.

I want to see pics of some one riding with one myself though there a bit of overkill i’ve seen people who don’t wear fullface on bikes do road gaps! so im seriously doubting you need it. though they do look really cool

I’ve seen people ride unicycles on the railing of bridges, that doesn’t mean I recommend it.:stuck_out_tongue:

I was just thinking about trying some shores and DH on rocky tracks with unicycle so I just wanted to know if it really would be useful, or should I just use normal helmet.

I think I may have to buy a fullface. I was riding in forest and I had some difficulties avoiding trees. I just think riding unicycle with fullface helmet might look a bit funny (or should I say “pro”). Maybe I don’t deserve a fullface, I’m not a pro. And what would people on street say, “There’s that guy who cannot ride unicycles, so he has to wear a fullface helmet. HAHAHAA!!”

I always ride with a fullface helmet. I don’t want to change my tooth, so I choose fullface. It is a little bit hot in summer, but tolerable. The cheaper helmet are certainly 661.

Here you can see the bicycle web site for SixSixOne

Helmets, much like the subject lines in posts, are optional, IMHO.

Call me crazy, but I’ve never gotten close enough to hitting my head to consider wearing a helmet at all. I wore a helmet for about a week when I was learning, but I’ve not worn one on my uni since. I do, however, wear gloves (though they have open finger holes at the ends, heh). I find that I land on my hands a lot more than my head. I never go fast on my uni and 90% of the time I land on my feet. I’m like a cat or something. I will probably eventually need to start wearing a full-face helmet, but that won’t be until I get a splined hub and crankset.

Re: Helmets, much like the subject lines in posts, are optional, IMHO.

I’ve also been like somekind of a cat always landing on my feet. I’ve never wore a helmet and I have never hurt myself on unicycle (except cutting my legs with pedals). It’s just that when you go downhill at pretty fast speed and hit a root or rock your launched like somekind of a rocket and it’s prety hard to stop the movement on downhill. Some pine trees also have nasty branches that are like spikes about thirty centimetres long. A helmet doesn’t help too much with these but if I run into a tree a fullface can save my oh-such-a-“pretty” face.

I ride down places like this and it’s not me on my unicycle in the pic:

I’ve never ridden down this exact descent but yesterday I tried something like this and made it. The picture is taken from the same place I sometimes go riding.

I on’t think I’ve ever banged my head in a fall from a unicycle, either, but I wear a helmet except when performing.

Look at it this way: we have a ‘bonus ball’ competition at work. My number is 41. every time the bonus ball is 41 on the National lottery (e.g. this week:D ) I win 49 Pounds. But every week, I pay a Pound, and I win, on average, one week in 49. So I break even, over a long enough period.

So, if the price were 1000 Pounds, I’d still break even over a long enough period.

But I wouldn’t risk 1000 Pounds a week, even if I had it to spare, because the risk is too great.

Which means I assess risk not only by the probability of an event occurring, but also by the seriousness of the consequences.

So, I reckon the risk of me banging my head in a fall from a unicycle is pretty small: one fall in 1000, when riding hard.

But the consequences? Depressed skull fracture, causing pressure on the brain, bleeding and swelling, symptoms similar to meningitis, followed by possible permanent brain damage (similar in effect to a stroke) or death.

So I wear a helmet.

The probability is small, but the consequences are potentially life changing (or ending!).

Also, a helmet is useful for deflecting ‘thin stuff’ such as twigs, small bushy low branches and the like when riding through the woods. And it makes me look more like a serious rider and less like a clown, so I think I get a bit more respect (or a bit less ribbing) from non unicyclists.

But would I wear a full face helmet? Hmmmmmm. I do on my motor scooter. Why not on my unicycle? Fashion? Cost? Comfort? Level of risk? Lower speed? Inconsistent attitude to risk?

If I were riding at a more serious level (I do cross country rather than ‘MUni’, by my definition) then I might buy a full face helmet.

On the other hand, dawdling about on a 24 to the shops and back probably doesn’t need a full face.

A helmet only prevents certain types of injury. It won’t stop you breaking your neck.

Choose your own level of risk. It’s better to die living than never to live for fear of dying, but a living death would make life not worth living. For me.

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i tooken some to the face…

ya i’ve gone off a picnic table and whaled my face into the ground and a couple teeth went threw my lip… and i’ve also slid across the ground on my face after bailing

One of the riders at CA MUni Weekend banged his nose in a fall, and bled enough to later spell “UNI” on the rocks in nice, neat letters. I’m sure some pictures will be posted soon! He could probably have benefitted from a full face helmet. The rougher the terrain you ride on, and the more time you spend on it, the more likely you are to eventually fall in a way where the extra coverage of a full face will do you good.

Well about the terrain. I’m a beginner and I ride a DH-track some bikers have problems riding. And I like to spend time there.