FullertonUni Meetups


FullertonUni is planning a unicycle meetup for November 30, 2013, will be good to work off some of that turkey. Contemplating 8:00 am Chantry Flat, meeting at the Adams Pack Station. Can anyone provide input regarding trails, parking & overall suitability of meeting at the pack station.

Thank you;

gdrambler & miniuni

Having ridden Chantry a few times and knowing how unbelievably crowded it gets on the weekends, I would strongly advise arriving much earlier, as ALL parking spaces a very likely to be filled easily by 8am. You may have to park a good ways down the road leading to the parking lot. And don’t forget you need an adventure pass! And they WILL ticket you if you park over the white line! Most mtbers and myself included much prefer riding during the week, when it’s less congested with the thousands of hikers that choke the trails on the weekends, and even the weekdays can be crowded. But the weekends are jammed full by sunrise.

As for the trail/ terrain, there are some very technical sections of mostly rock, exposed sheer cliffs, and a steep climb coming back out if you do the popular loop. Not a very long trail, less than 7 miles, but it will work you if you ride everything. Not for beginners. This video from when I was there this past May, should give you a general idea.

Hello Addict;

Thank you for the input, does not sound suitable for meetup at that time. Will however, go up this weekend with miniuni, I will hike & let him do a few of the technical runs. Still looking for something suitable a little north of Fullerton. What is your input on El Prieto, regarding the track & parking?

Thank you

Also considering Turnbull Canyon, any thoughts?

I’ve ridden El Prieto many times, and although not very long, it does have some challenging tech sections, and it also has some steep, exposed sections. Another fun trail is Backbone out of Will Roger’s park. Only real negative is that there is little to no shade, so best avoided on hot days. Also fun and beautifully scenic are the network of trails at Malibu creek state park. Another fun trail is Cheseboro canyon in Agoura hills, or hummingbird in Simi valley, but again, very hot at times and not much shade.

I think he is looking for something that would appeal to all levels as much as that is possible. Hummingbird is probably a bit too tech IMO. Cheeseboro is better suited I would think. I have never been to Malibu Creek, is there a good variety of trails there?