Full Throttle Grinding Pedals

Are these worth getting? I can’t be assed to make grind plates or ship some from danscomp.com and it would be ideal really.


Maybe i’m going to buy some of these.
They look pretty sweet!

Hey, I just got those yesterday. They’re a little heavy, but if you only grind on one side (most do) take the other side plate off, then it’s not too bad.

They slide pretty good, I was able to grind smooth waxed cement, a little. The plates are thick, and look like they would hold up well. Even so, if it wears down too much you can put the other plate on. The plates are easy to take on and off, but they hold up well.

The only thing I don’t like about these pedals is they are TOO grippy! The pins are super long, you can’t even adjust your feet very well. I ended up taking a hacksaw and grinder to them and cutting them by at least half.

hmm, they look cool and all, but 30lbs? thats like $45. the ones i can make may not be as cool or as sturdy, but they do the job well and they are cheap to replace (find a busted harddrive, take a dremel tool to it). i’ll stick to what i got untill they stop serving their purpose.

^ ^ I guess there would be no use in getting them if you’re already grinding so that’s cool. Looks like i’ll be buying myself these then :smiley:

May I recommend Jim Clientielsss (sp) Odyssey pedals?

They’ve got a big platform, they’re thin and have removable pins. Great for Trials and Street.

I got mine a few weeks ago and since then they’ve been really good. Except being a little unbalanced if u take out all the pins in one side :slight_smile:

Froogle them and you’ll get 1 million entries.