Full fingure WG possibility

I came across these (http://shop.foxracing.com/product.asp?catalog_name=Bike&category_name=Gloves_6&product_id=24027&On_Sale=0) on the Fox racing site. Looking at my Harbinger 110G wrist wraps, it couldn’t be hard to sew a square piece of material to the Fox glove to hold the plastic guard. Looks like another project in the making.

wow those are some crazy looking gloves!

Personally i like open finger gloves so i can still pick my nose. :roll_eyes:

The title of the thread was full fingure. I misread it hastily to read full figure. I was expecting something…uhh else. -e

Great minds think alike.

KH brand wrist support gloves (was: Full fingure WG possibility)

They won’t be available for another few months, but below are photos of prototype KH unicycling gloves that I’ve been testing for the last couple of months.

Here are some of the features:

-full fingered, which is definately more protective than Harbingers albeit a little warmer.

-wrist wrap like Harbingers, but with a padded, flexible “splint” in the back of the wrap to provide slightly more wrist support. The synthetic leather also will not bleed color like Harbingers.

-1mm or 2mm Clarino synthetic leather in the wrist wrap and main palm material. Most bike gloves use 0.8mm leather which is cheaper and less durable, although the thinner leather provides better feel on handlebars (which we don’t need)

-doubled fabric in the entire length of the fingers. Bike gloves can’t have this because it reduces sensitivity for handlebars, but it makes these more durable and protects against bruising from pulling up on a unicycle saddle handle.

-palm pad made of 3mm foam and 2mm synthetic leather. The bottom of the palm pad may open with velcro (as shown in the picture) to allow addition of more padding or plastic if the wearer wants to add this. Although this pad is slightly less protective than Harbingers, it is MUCH more comfortable.

Hopefully the gloves will be good for all kinds of unicycling including freestyle, racing, trials and MUni, or anywhere wrist support is needed without completely sacrificing wrist flexibility.


Kris Holm

More pictures of the gloves

Oops here it is

Those seem to be nice gloves. I was just wondering about the ventilation. How much would it weaken the gloves if the area between fingers was some kind of thinner material, like in back of those new Roach pads? This would give more air to your fingers, but I really don’t know if they would be less durable.

edit. But I still find hard shell pads for wrists to be better. Usually, if I land hard, a lot of my weight comes to my wrists. Hard shells also slide better.

Maybe it’s just me but they look really bulky and seem like they would cook your hands…If you’re gonna design gloves i say put a little extra padding on the digit right below your fingertip, where you jump seat out. cause my KH seat is bruising my fingers.
i mean it’s a very comfortable seat for rolling hops and riding, but not for seat out front jumping.

Edit: oh yeah those gloves look like snow gloves.

Those sound really good, Kris. One problem I have with the Harbingers is that the palm splint interferes with the Reeder handle. In addition, the Harbinger’s leather is too stretchy and abrades too easily. Finally, the open-finger design is not that great for winter, often requiring an overmitt. It sounds as though you may correct those problems.

However, full-finger designs are also harder to fit (I have long fingers and large hands). I hope you have an XL size in the works. I also think that an open-finger model would be better for warm weather. Perhaps you will have both?

As for palm versus back-of-hand splints: For pavement speed, the plastic is better, like Joona says, because it slides nicely. I’ve left many a track on hard asphalt. For off-road though, back-of-hand is better because it facilitates saves that involve grabbing things, such as trees and rocks.

If they look bulky, then that’s the fault of the photo, not the gloves. Essentially, these are downhill mountain biking gloves with a wrist wrap and extra padding/protection in the palm, and fit similarly to any bike glove.

If you don’t mind the ventillation of full-fingered mountain biking gloves, then these will be fine too. The fabric between the fingers needs to be durable because it gets a lot of abrasion at the finger tips, but the back can be more ventilated.

I know I won’t please everyone with the plastic/no plastic debate in the palm, and also whether it’s better to have complete wrist support and no flexibility in the wrists, or increased flexibility/comfort with less support.

However, the wrist wraps are designed to provide a good compromise of support plus comfort. Those people who want 100% rigid splints already have dozens of different wrist guards to choose from.

For palm padding, my experience is that with rare exceptions, most unicycle falls, including those on a Coker, usually involve some sort of hand plant without much sliding. Padding is definately more comfortable than plastic for holding the front handle or a Reeder Handle, and unlike a plastic splint these gloves would also be comfortable enough to use during freestyle practice. If you really want plastic, then the palm pad can be opened up via velcro for custom addition of plastic (although it would be inside the leather patch so would provide protection but not decreased friction).


Here’s a picture showing the wrist wrap.

Re: KH brand wrist support gloves (was: Full fingure WG possibility)

                                                                                          I just got an email from Fox, they are on the way and will be in my hands on Friday.  My goal here is to find something heavy and warm for the winter, all year rider.  My finger tips have been freezing up.  I, too, have left short trails with my Harbingers on pavement.  I have found with their plastic insert, I am able to bend my finger tips back far enough to slide on the plastic without damaging anything else.  I plan to incorperate the plastic to the Fox glove.  When will your gloves be available?  With your clothing line?  I look forward to it...

You can slide on the leather palms of a glove. I’ve done it. You don’t need a plastic splint over the palm to allow a glove to slide on pavement.

But if you want plastic on your palm, Rollerblade makes a palm slider pad that you can wear over your gloves.

I couldn’t wait for the KH gloves so I got a pair of Harbinger 110Gs and Fox Incline gloves. I find the combination works well. However, both the KH wristguards and the ones on that site look nice.

That would work great if I could purchase a size up of the Harbinger 110Gs. I wear the largest size already and they are a snug fit. I also couldn’t fit a glove over them, already tried. Anything larger would be a bit cumbersome.

Another factor I look at is 200 pounds traveling 10 to 12 MPH at a ride height of 7 feet. The plastic splint also helps absorb some of the impact and spreads it out over an area.

they look great kris! a couple questions: will they come in plenty of sizes and colors? i am wearing some fox full fingered gloves presently and i still get blisters when doing seat out on my miyata seat. my gloves look to have the same amount of padding in the fingers as zach jucha’s new gloves. will there be a noticable difference in your gloves? its kind of a hard question to answer but a general idea based on your testing of the product would be nice. thanks.