Full fingered wrist guard?

I’m looking for a full-fingered wrist guard. Basically a glove with a wrist guard built into it. Anyone know of such a product? I’m sure there is, if not I’m slapping a patent on it.

slap away

if it doesn’t exist yet, it should
i’m cusious to c if anyone comes across one in the open market
failinf that, i wish u well in your bussiness venture


ps. what about toe-sock ankle guards
and when u start thinking about level 11 protection equipment, the mind boggles
.-) some more

Re: Full fingered wrist guard?

Check out the Triple 8 “Hired Hands”. They are excellent–though the fingers on
the gloves are 3/4, not full-fingered.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

Consider also this: your favorite leather gloves with the Harbinger wrist wraps on top. I have used the wrist wraps on top of insulating gloves and also on top of the Harbinger half-finger wrist guards with fine results.


Good luck!

So no one else has encountered a pair yet?


Hey Kris… where’s my complimentary set?

I’ve got a pair of KH pulse gloves (and a KH2005 24" HUZZAH) winging thir merry way to me as I speak…I’ll let you know what they’re like once I’ve bashed them about a bit.