full fingered gloves

it doesnt matter who makes them,full fingered gloves rock! Hot or cold weather,it doesnt matter.full finger all the way…


Prior to picking up unicycling I used to wear half fingered gloves as a mountain biker, I didn’t like full fingered because they were hot. One day when it was a little chilly out I went ahead and wore full fingered…on that day I had a bad wreck at high speed and ended up over the bars. I went hands/head first into some knarly gravel, it tore the crap out of the gloves and my hands got a few cuts through the gloves. Had I been wearing my typical half fingered gloves I’d of done some serious damage…
Now I wear full fingered all the time, even on the hottest summer days.

I always wear gloves when riding even if I’m not wearing any other form of protective gear. This is mainly because I don’t like picking bits of gravel out of my palms, and to avoid blisters when holding the seat for extended periods such as when doing trials.

When just riding around from A to B I stick with the half-fingered gloves. They protect your palms if you bail out forwards but aren’t too cumbersome or hot.

When doing muni or trials, I use the full fingered gloves. More protection from crashes, and better blister protection. The half-fingered gloves ended just at the part of the fingers that hold the handle or the edge of the seat when doing seat-out stuff, so I used to get fearsome blisters on my fingers. With full fingered gloves that isn’t a problem.


I’m actually in the market for some new full fingered gloves, I was using the Fox Sidewinders and they have held up fairly well.

Just curious to what you guys have been using.


i was using Sidewinders too,but at the $40 dollar price they are just not worth it now that the new Dirtpaw’s are only $20 and have awesome padding.

the only thing now that makes the higher end Sidwinders better is the fact that they dont use one big peice of rubber on the back like the new Dirtpaws and they have a better snot wiping terry cloth part.

i totaly went in to the shop to buy a new set of Sidwinders but i saw the newer D-paws and desided to try them.for half the money i’d say they are a steel with no real compromise in protection.

(and yes like every pair of Fox gloves i have ever owned i cut the hook side of the useless velcro off.)

the thing about Fox gloves thats a real joy is they dont tend to stink up the house with glove rot for long time like other gloves i bought in the past.

I wear Axo, which is the same brand I wear on the bike…

I just look for gloves that are on sale. I have a hard time justifying $30 or $40 or more on gloves. Gloves wear out too fast and get replaced too often to be spending big bucks for them.

I’m not too picky about brand. I just want a basic full finger MTB glove. I do prefer the lighter XC style gloves over the DH style because the XC style gloves are generally cooler, conform to my hand better, and I don’t need plastic armor over my knuckles.

I look for gloves at bike store sales or look for discontinued models. I picked up a bunch of Trek full finger XC gloves for something like $7.50 a pair. They work just fine for me. They’re not the most styling gloves, but that’s OK with me. I rotate between two pairs so I can wash one pair and still have a pair to wear to ride.

you WASH your gloves?

Absolutely. I don’t wash them after every ride, but if I let them go too long between washings they get really stinky.

i find that Fox brand gloves stave off the stinkidge longer than other gloves.

i think that all gloves sould be sold with a needle and thread.ive extended the life of my gloves for up to 5 months just by taking the time to sew up those little holes that start in the fingers.

the trick is to not let the holes get so big that its a big pain to sew them up.

P.S. your going to want a thimble


As far as I’m concerned gloves aren’t worth it, unless I could get some for like $10. I mean you just build up strength in your fingers, the eventual aim being for my fingers to be as strong without gloves as the average persons with gloves. It comes with only a small amount of pain and living in Australia it’s a far better option than having really hot hands. In summer it gets up to 40 (104 in Fahrenheit) on pretty hot days and sometimes as high as 44 (112 in Fahrenheit) sometimes. I’ll build up strength eventually, and it’ll save me money aswell.

gloves are the only protective equipment that I have stopped wearing.

However, if my wristguards didn’t protect the palms as well as they do, I would put the gloves back on in a second.

No amount of handle holding will get your palms ready to deflect gravel that has it’s mind set on coming on in.

Hands are over rated, you don’t need them, and they work just as well with gravel stuck in them.

I just ordered a pair of 2001 gloves from 661 for $8 plus shipping. The website says the original price was $40. I think it’s worth $13 to keep gravel outta my pretty pink skin.

That’s all good for you but its about $80 shipping to Australia.

i wear full fingered gloves in my right hand and half on the left.

i need full fingered on the right so i dont get blisters on my fingers. i only wear half on the left because i notice i only hit my palm if i need to put my hand down to stop a fall. it looks goofy but it is very efficient.

just go to target (if you have one around you) and get the like $10 schwinn (did i spell that right?) gloves. i used them for some bmx,paintball and riding my little mini bike i bet they’ll work fine for unicycling too.(i was just looking for them today.)