full face

Who uses Full face Helmets for muni now days. I got one not to long ago. and will be trying it out this weekend.

And another question who uses helmet cams for muni?

I am using a fullface helmet. It saved my face once already. Since then I am afraid to ride without one because I know what can happen. :wink:

In my opinion fullface helmets are VERY useful for downhill and even technical XC riding because you always fall forward and when you are tired you maybe do not have the reaction an strength to prevent falling on the face. At least that’s how it is for me. :o

lol yea it happpen to me last weekend but I want to just bomb down the track I ride with 137s or something

for helmet cams I use two, one is VholdR and has a HD version out. it isn’t something you go swimming with, but I’ve crashed and dropped it a bunch -it’s still tickin! VholdR hosts a site for your action videos… the other I got to lift via an RC helicopter and weighs less than an ounce, I can’t find it now but this looks cool… http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.29730 check out the selection of micro cams and sunglass cameras here http://www.dealextreme.com/search.dx/search.micro%20video%20camera

Dealextreme is a chinese site that even sells this “magic shine” LED light system for $80 that according to MTBR reviews, puts the $400 Niteriders to task! The instructions may only be chinese… whatever the cost is unbelievable.

This is the vholdr on a boom off the helmet which I wired a hand held remote to so you could tell I was on a unicycle: http://vholdr.com/node%2F8353 I like to stick the mini cam under the visor pointing down so you can see a person on one wheel.

cool I have this helmet cam http://www.chinavasion.com/product_info.php/pName/action-sports-helmet-camera-30fps/

In my last 5 years of pretty full on Muni i have scraped up my face maybe 2 or 3 times. Out of those, none of my bails were bad enough to warrant wearing a full face the rest of my ride time. Normally i have ample time to protect my face with my hands (and this is on a Geared 24" where crashes happen at much higher speed). I could see them being useful if you did some hectic north shore (huge drops, high skinnies) but otherwise i think they are overkill.

o k, but thats only your point of view. I personal like fast tech. downhill and have my fair share of fulling like every one else. but when you 16 and have caps on 2 of your teeth and don’t want them coming of I would rather wear a full face and protect my good looks (haha) and teeth.

When the fullface saved my face it probably saved my life too because I landed on big stones in a creek. I may have drowned if I got unconscious. Therefore I am afraid. (since then I also wear a protection jacket because I broke my shoulder in this crash and about half a year later it still isn’t completely ok - I also had to walk for about half an hour to get a mobile phone signal; not much fun). That’s my story and maybe you can see why I am afraid now to not wear as much protection as possible. Moreover I ride alone most of the time and that’s another reason for me to be “better save than sorry”. :wink:

yea. I normaly ride with people but where we ride theres isn’t cell phone coverage for about 10km haha.

I normal only wear pads and gloves and helmet for most my muniing and trials. I’m thinking of getting padded shorts because where I ride its mainly tree roots that are wet so you just slip. not sure about getting jacket tho.


I dont really see the point of a full face helmet for most mUni, but for downhill its probably a good idea :smiley:

I only do downhill most the time. if I’m doing XC I’ll use my trials helmet because its just comman sense

Overkill in my opinion. Bikers wear full face helmets because the are easily hitting 60+km/h.
The only time i have managed to hit my face is doing street riding (grinding).
in saying that, don’t let me put you off riding with a full face. If your worried about hitting you face wear one. I have never come close to hitting my face and i ride some pretty technical DH so i personal couldn’t justify it.

it’s pretty cheap dental insurance! Usually my arms will go out before my face smashes stuff, and on a unicycle you usually land on your feet. So, overkill -unless you ride clipless pedals. I can see getting your legs tripped up that way.

same, never hit my head unicycling. that said…i do always wear a regular skating helmet though.

done a faceplant on a bike though.

I always wear an open face helmet for muni, even riding in the muddy forest. I do own a full face helmet but I seldom wear it.

I bought the full face helmet soon after I recovered from a ballistic faceplant that resulted in 7 stitches to my chin, and half a tooth disappearing into the snow.

I tried various lightweight helmets and was not at all convinced that they would protect my chin. I ended up buying one that gives magnificent protection.

However, the penalties for all that protection are weight, heat, limited field of view, discomfort, and some isolation from the sounds around me.

I ride for fun, and wearing that helmet removes half the fun, so now I only wear the lighter open face helmet.

But if I were to be riding on rocky terrain rather than the mud and tree roots that are my normal territory, I would wear it.

There is more to unicycling than going fast, or doing dangerous stuff. I see it as a dance rather than a fight. If I want to “fight” I’ll go uphill, and slug it out with myself, rather than bombing down the steepest hill I can find.

Each to his own. I wish I had been wearing a full face helmet on that one occasion in a snowy and deserted roadstone quarry when no one knew where I was and it was 25 miles to the nearest hospital.:frowning:

new cam mount for Top: forward/backward Down: handlebar/unicycle…

Did you buy it somewhere or did you make it?

I got most parts at the hardware store, the bike rack support at a bike shop, and a random piece of sheet aluminum kickin around. the helmet and shell separated, and I was able to bolt the rack part at both ends. it’s pretty stiff and doesn’t move around or vibrate.

I should do that some how. My cam vibrates like hell.

And I thought it was two separate helmets, your red one and your gray one. :o I will have to see if I can firm up the mount on my helmet and see if that fixes the jumpy video problem.