ftp.winternet.com /users/kfuchs/Unicycling updated - Spring cleaning?

Hi Fellow Unicycists!

I finally updated all directories and files in ftp.winternet.com
/users/kfuchs/Unicycling to be current with Beirne Konarski’s ftp.mcs.kent.edu
/pub/Unicycling. Beirne did all the work (except the iuf directory), I just
copied it.

Spring cleaning of the ftp archive is done! Now just when will I ever get around
to the www home page (http://www.winternet.com/~kfuchs)?

Enjoy the newly revived ftp archive. Also, the Unicycling Mailing List archives
through 30 March 1995 are now available.

Stay on Top, of those MBs of unicycling information,

Ken Fuchs <kfuchs@winternet.com